I’ll make her my wife

I’ve been having a conversation for a longtime, a little bit over a month, two times a day for hours, we’ve spoken and put the world right, and in the process of talking, I’ve discovered the truth of my life, this person who’s in this conversation I really could make her my wife  

Pushed to far

I sit on the wrong side of despair, now that you left me, now you’re not there, bad words were spoken, voices were raised and I pushed you to far and there’s nothing to save, so I sit here in silence a tear in my eye, the fact that it’s my fault, irrelevant to you, to late for sorry and no more with you      

A Bag of diamonds 

A thousand moments like a bag of diamonds but worth infinitely more, the day I met you, the first kiss, and memories oh so many more, and each of these priceless gems a facet of our love, and I look forward to making more you are a gift from above  

The last goodbye

Darkness comes the twilight of hope disappears and all those good times and happy years vanish in one last rasping breath, pain transfers from them to you, as if the weight of legions crushing comes, the pain of telling others soon, but now time to sit and take it in, just be still, reflect on love, and yet different now, but you’ll survive, scarred but at least alive     

We’re dreams come true

In my other world were dreams come true, and my fantasies are filled with you, I create a world of wishes, spinning in my head, many shining facets, a diamond I create, but dreams are so ephemeral and difficult to hold, so I turn and face the world stand proud, stand strong, stand bold   

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