My son that never was

To my son that never was, those moments that never came, yes my girls are all my world but that is never quite the same.

Ruff and tumble that never was, play fights, man time just because, fixing cars, and dirty knees, us in trouble, mum not pleased.

No watching him become a man, no watching him as he grows, become a dad lost and gone, not for me those special times, lost love and me now reconciled, maybe one day a grandson comes.

I hold this light

I hold a light for you tonight, to guide you safe to me, to hold you tight I hold this light come soon my love to me, I hold this light with me tonight, we’ll dance under stars that shine, I hold this light every night to tell the world your mine


Wounded in pain, you stab me again, your words and deeds shout loud, but worst of all is the quite times when the pain inside shouts out, those times I sit and think of you, replaying all our words, and wondering what I did wrong to make you shout so loud, and in time hoping that the sun will shine, bright and fresh again and on that day I’ll look back, and know the pain will fade and know with pride that I did right and step forward once again toward the dawn and a different light pain free and whole again   

In Time

In time they say, all is right, that really doesn’t help the pain tonight, the broken heart, the love now gone, that emptiness within my soul, and all my laughter that she stole, right now I can’t not see me smile again, will not laugh or dance again, but in time they say the pain will go, and in its place my life will grow 

Her Mask of Lies

Behind a mask she hides, all smiles and happiness but deep inside that secret place, she’s hurting all the time, deep inside where no one looks the little girl, she cries, but hidden from the world behind her mask of lies


Reflections of beauty
Reflections of love
Reflections of pain felt from above
Time is the healer
Time casts it’s spell
Love conquers hate
Love banishes hell
So come now my beauty
Wipe away that tear
For reflections of truth will promise you all


A thousand moments like a bag of diamonds but worth infinitely more, the day I met you, the first kiss, and memories oh so many more, and each of these priceless gems a facet of our love, and I look forward to making more you are a gift from above

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