When hurt and pain

When hurt and pain have got inside, rationalise and think it through, the realities are this, there’s none hurting other than you, so say goodbye and forgive as well else this hurt and pain goes on, as failure will take you straight to hell forever lost and gone  

The lost girl

Deep buried, almost lost, is a little girl
Hiding from hurt pain and abuse
Over the years, shell’s have appeared
She thinks there protecting her soul
But once free, now trapped in a cage
Not knowing how to break down the walls
She’s forgotten the cage is hers to destroy, lost the key in the pain of it all
She’s lost who she is almost gone just a hint
So she suffers abuse, and lives in fear of her life
For a cross she does bear, with tears and with pain, since that day that he made her his wife

(C) Peter Payne

Buried deep within

Nothing is ever as it seems

Not all pain is visible, 

Scars don’t always appear on the skin,

A smile doesn’t always mean happiness,

Emotions aren’t always seen on the surface some are buried deep within,

I should know I’m an expert.


All my heart

You took my heart and held me tight, and whispered everything’s alright, for I’d be hurt, damage deep, and you whispered that I’m yours to keep, and as we danced the pain it left, and all that in my heart is love, my love for you from this day, so don’t you ever go away, for in my heart is were you live, for all my love is all I can give   

My hurt

I bare my scares inside, that hurt that I always hide, why this way I hear you say, why the hurt is locked away, it’s not for pride or vanity but it forms a rock that gives me strength and allows me to move on, happy in the knowledge that now your really are gone  

Dreams of happiness 

All my darkness I share with you, to make our future shine, the happiest day I’ve ever had is every day your mine, but turn that around and think it through my focus is on you, your happiness and love I need to make my dreams come true  

golden years

I fall into you eyes, the girl I met back then, when we were still as children but thought we were so old, time has moulded a true love developed over years, the truth about a soulmate as we embark on our golden years   

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