I wrote a letter

I wrote a letter I never sent, wrote all the pain and what it meant, wrote all you did and how it hurt, but never sent these painful words, because I grew, and I moved on, happy now that you are gone, happy as my life moves on, happy with my life complete and your just dust around my feet    


I miss her smile, I miss her laugh, I miss that connection when we’re apart, she’s part of me, the better part and when she’s gone it hurts my heart, but soon together a love that’s true and my life complete with only you  


What is loveA need to hold her

Hold her tight 

Make her happy 

Please her right

Spend my life

Devoted to her

Be connected 

In every way

And what word describes Just how I feel

Is simple really it with little fuss

The one word is simply “us”


Holding Tight

Holding tight never let go your heart entwined with mine, pulling close body’s touch knowing she is mine, lips kiss envelope her a life time is to short, loving her needing her she is my every thought​


Chance Meetings 

It started not looking for love a chance in a million that meeting of minds, and as time passed and secrets shared the realisation that she cared, and like a fool scared of it all you pushed her away for you thought it not right, that this distance to large but the feeling was right, then at that point that you lost her the emotion it hits that this women this venus in your heart she does fit, you offer forgiveness, on bended knee, you realise that a couple your meant to be, so you work out the details you make wishes come true, you meet for the first time, you realise it’s true, you now are completed your heart whole again and she is the glue that holds your self whole again    

Happy Birthday 

today is Tracy’s second birthday spent with me, Tracy and I started this page to share some of the writings I produced tracking my journey from heartache to happiness, Tracy is my happiness, happy birthday to my soulmate 


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