It’s all about the view

Sunset over Sydney

As I sit looking out over Sydney Harbour it occurred to me that holidays are all about the view.  No travel is complete without something nice to see, weather that be the water scape in front of me or the smiles on loved ones faces when you reconnect after time apart.

Sydney Harbour

For me countless yachts are dancing across the water with the occasional speedboat cutting though them like a young dog just let off the lead.  More melodic are the larger ships plodding their steady passage, taking on the role of the elder statesman in this dance and as I watch the light changing and the vibrancy of the seen evolve, its clear how lucky I am. 

Sydney really is a beautiful city, warm and enticing even when the weather breaks and storms roll in from the west.

To be able to sit in peace and quiet and absorb this panorama is really one of life pleasures and I would highly recommend a visit to Australia at least once in a lifetime.

Blood, Sweat Tears

There’s no more blood or sweat or tears

We’ve built our home and children gone

Ahead a life less stress more joy

Toward a sunset and happy times

Good food laughter and fine wine

And love shared time together 

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