Time Heals #breakup #movingon

A year is gone and I’ve moved on, and with time comes reflection, we both made mistakes, both did wrong, but mine were honest and true, the mistake, well on my part, I was guilty of loving you and on your part you lied to me and ripped apart my heart in two, you showed me love, and made me think, so now another holds my heart, and because of you I love her true, she’s everything to me, because of you I began to see how you had set me free, free to love, free to be, everything that’s me  


Stars above #poetry #long-distance

The stars above are sensual sparkling and serene, the distance that separates is to large to comprehend, the stars above look down on us we share there light tonight, enveloping us with feelings shared love shared peace, just right 


Trust #poetry #long-distance

The devils eats away at her, weaving suspicions in her mind, the distance pulls upon her heart, the devil is unkind, for her man is good her man is true, and with every ounce of strength, he stands right up for judgement and there’s no need for him to repent. She learns to trust and learns to hide the pain of distance great, he teaches that he is forever true and what they have is great and trust builds up almost complete, till the devil start to pry, for the devils always digging so be vigilant they cry 


Good Friends #poetry 

When your good friends are hurting, and all they see is dark, and you know you could help them but the distance is vast, and if you could just hold them and show them the light, and whisper so gently that all will be all right 


Dreams of Her #Dreams #Poetry 

She had slept in my head, dreams of her fill my mind, holding and squeezing her tightAs I sleep she’s with me in my dreams and my soul her body enveloped by mine

As I wake and I realise I’m all by myself and my dreams of her are but dreams

So I start my day knowing that it’s a step on the road to me waking with her by my side


Will you grow old with me

Will you grow old with me, hold my hand into our twilight, be my strength and my lover, till the end of our days, will you love me, unconditionally, as we follow the path to nirvana, will you hold me, comfort me, marry me, be that special part of me, let me love you, till the end of time, protect you from the world of hate, let me prove to you my love, let me look at you, as only a lover can, with lust and love and pride, and for only you, a heart that’s true, as you are the soulmate of dreams  


The darkness of change

Darkness comes, a wave crashing in my mind.
Thoughts of pleasure wither.
Pain in knowing change will come.
A life and person hurt.
Thoughts of good times raise a tear.
Thoughts of children shared.
Wonder and fear of what might come.
Decisions that will change my life.
Tears of fear and worry.
Time to think and pause.
Knowledge that in doing I will change my life

Beauty the Curse

Beauty a curse that traps you inside, people just take and erode your pride, true beauty is found not in your face, but the beauty inside the beauty of grace, so surround yourself with people who love you inside, and then you are beautiful and full of pride 


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