She’s his

He bites her neck, she’s wanting him, but all he does is tease, frustration builds, she loves him so, and only wants to please, he takes his time, and minutes pass, until he can’t resist, and then he takes her totally, for she is only his 

No lullabies

No lullabies for me tonight, no arms to hold me tight, stepping into darkness, praying I’m alright, change and pain and life a new, a path I need to follow, along the tracks to happiness as I’m meandering along my way, this empty heart is hoping for you to come and stay, and you to help me banish all my darkness away 

Trapped in her dreams 

Trapped in her dreams, the world far away, stresses of life in her head to stay, so sleeping not resting, she’ll wake unrefreshed, causing her stress that will feed her dreams tonight, a circle of panic that appears never ending, till she steps off the roundabout pauses and stops till she finds herself and sleeps all the night   


What is love I ask myself, these butterfly’s that dance inside, that pain of separation that eats away at me, the giddy joy of time together, and her in my every thought, it’s easy really when you think, this love is just the glue, the glue that joins us permanently and sticks me to you  

All my darkness 

All my darkness I share with you, to make our future shine, the happiest day I’ve ever had is every day your mine, but turn that around and think it through my focus is on you, your happiness and love I need to make my dreams come true  

The Boat of Love

The lapping waves and gentle motion, he steers the boat and love, she’s lost in the beauty thinking, sailing into love,There love is very new, all, glowing in the per dawn light all wonderful and true, but feeling so so right 


Thank the Lord your gone

Alone, feeling small, what you did was cruel, I’m not your plaything, I’m not your pet, but I did love you, yet, you used me, destroyed my life, I’ve cried a million tears, so now alone but I’ll be strong, I thank The Lord that you are gone   

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