Rain in my heart

Rain in my heart, pain in my soul, what a fool I was, with all my heart I loved her so, and she just tore it apart, lies on lies this stack of cards, my love did tumble down, and at my lowest another came and offered that help sort, and in her arms I am right now protected, safe and strong   


A passion, a kiss, she bites his lip, he’s hers and hers aloneA connection and attraction, deep and desire fills her soul 

His arms around her holding tight, the world is very small 

There’s only them inside this world, with passion their love all


Connection Deep

She smiles at him
He smiles at her
A connection deep is formed
With in her eyes his future
Within his heart her life
They touch
They hold
They kiss and more
And hearts dance to their song
And now together forever more
The music carries on 


For my dear Aunt

Yesterday we lost my Aunt, to that curse on the world, Cancer.  Just 69 to young, I wrote this in her memory

Darkness comes the twilight of hope disappears and all those good times and happy years vanish in one last rasping breath, pain transfers from them to you, as if the weight of legions crushing comes, the pain of telling others soon, but now time to sit and take it in, just be still, reflect on love, and yet different now, but you’ll survive, scarred but at least alive.


The cage

Deep buried, almost lost, is a little girl

Hiding from hurt pain and abuse

Over the years, shell’s have appeared 

She thinks there protecting her soul

But once free, now trapped in a cage

Not knowing how to break down the walls

She’s forgotten the cage is hers to destroy, lost the key in the pain of it all

She’s lost who she is almost gone just a hint

So she suffers abuse, and lives in fear of her life

For a cross she does bear, with tears and with pain, since that day that he made her his wife
(C) Peter Payne   

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