Lost she hides her face, hides the tears, trying not to be noticed, people walk past, people walk away.
No one notices the little girl trapped inside, screaming to get away, but he’s made her hide, hide so very deep inside.
The adult her, the broken her, the her that cries at night, the lonely her, so scared, so numb, almost forgotten the girl in side, the girl that laughed the girl that played those happy days all gone away.
And then a hand, she looks a smile facing her, her tears run down, eyes red and full of pain, he holds her hand and leads her away toward a promised land.
This stranger tall, this stranger strong, they walk toward a seat, they sit, she cries, and he just holds her hand, he lets it come, let’s the pain flow away, and without a word promises a bright new day.


free of troubled times

Hidden deep inside, where my innocence hides, your touch it frees my soul. And under all your insecurities, there is that perfect you, I see it’s there and hidden and I will free your soul. Two souls free like birds to fly, they dance across the sky, and intwined so tight that almost one, this love unites, and builds, this perfect love that banishes all those troubled times  

Every second of every day

I’ve loved you all my life, every second of every day, yet we only met just months before, this love complete and true, for every second of every day you were in my heart it’s true, a wish waiting to come true, for all I wish is my everything, for all I wish is you  


Depression eats away at you till theres nothing left inside, and all you really want to do is run away and hide, but together we can banish it, shine a light and banish fears, because together we look forward to all are golden years   

Bad News

News comes bad and full of pain, the world change never the same again, people get ill and people die, and we sit in shock, tears in eyes. The bedrock of life shifts again, as generations fade away, and tomorrow smiles and life goes on, but deep inside part of you is gone, that part of youth and happy times and remembrance of good times shared and certainty that they really cared 

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