Daisy Chains 

Daisy chains and endless summers laying back with you, grass and flowers framing clouds as we picnic just us two, endless summers warm and still the time goes on for forever, but it time autumn comes and the Daisy’s start wither      

Story of my life!

We are dying from over-thinking.
We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think! Think! Think!                                   You can never trust the human mind anyway. Its a death trap.                 (Anthony Hopkins)

~ Tracy



A rusty nail tears at his heart, another night when their apart, and in time pain it will subside as they find each other, there arms are strong, a life together oh so long, forever is not long enough, there love will cross that barrier, and flow into infinity, entwined there souls together   

The puzzle that is me

In time the story of my life, the realisation that I need to change, one life, one chance to get this right, so no regrets are left, so hold my hand my lover, and we will walk together toward the sunset and our dreams and in my heart and soul, for your the one that makes me whole, the missing puzzle piece, for your the answer to my prayers, my life I give and more, and in return you give me that final missing piece, that finishes the puzzle, the puzzle that is me  

The Music Carries On

She smiles at him
He smiles at her
A connection deep is formed
With in her eyes his future
Within his heart her life
They touch
They hold
They kiss and more
And hearts dance to their song
And now together forever more
The music carries on 



The beauty of the butterfly, free so light of touch, free to follow it’s own heart, free to chose the start, free to dance and free to leave, free to kiss goodnight, free to end the sadness and fly away from the fight 


Just because 

Just because I’m silent doesn’t mean I’m gone
just because I’m silent angers still goes onjust because I’m silent I know you’re not in my life

just because I’m silent I did want you for my wife

just because I’m silent I fear i lost the best

just because I’m silent I want to tell the rest

just because I’m silent it hurts me every day 

just because I’m silent I just want you away

Then over time I realise the close call I have had

Over time it’s obvious, how damaged you really are 

So a new life I’ve started with one who loves me true

She’s honest, caring, beautiful, and above all not you !!


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