For my love

She looks at me a smile so bright, brown eyes sparkle in candle light, how did I get here to this happy place, with her love radiating from that beautiful face, not sure I understand why she wants me, but with all that’s me I love her back, no doubt, no questions, this total love. This Venus mine and I’m all hers and together one and no more tears  


Tears, like a thousand strands, shattered futures, abandoned hope, and questions each that raise a thousand more, life lost, can’t cope, time stands still, numb to my core, how do I go on, I don’t know anymore.  
Lessons learned facts crystal clear a new me with you not hear so life moves on and numbness fades, dawns a light that banishes fear, so as time past and hope returns I move on but forever burned 

He Holds a Light

He holds a light for her tonight to guide her back to him

She’s lost tonight without a light not sure which way to go

He hopes with all his heart tonight to find her next to him

She leaves tonight, steps out under moonlight, away forever gone

So he hold the light alone tonight, pain now crushing him

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