Butterfly Glue

What is love I ask myself, these butterfly’s that dance inside, that pain of separation that eats away at me, the giddy joy of time together, and her in my every thought, it’s easy really when you think, this love is just the glue, the glue that joins us permanently and sticks me to you    

Beauty the Trap

Beauty a curse that traps you inside, people just take and erode your pride, true beauty is found not in your face, but the beauty inside the beauty of grace, so surround yourself with people who love you inside, and then you are beautiful and full of pride 


No Lullabies 

No lullabies for me tonight, no arms to hold me tight, stepping into darkness, praying I’m alright, change and pain and life a new, a path I need to follow, along the tracks to happiness as I meander along my way, this empty heart is hoping for you to come and stay, and you to help me banish all my darkness away 


Hidden Scares #poem #surviving 

I bare my scares inside, that hurt that I always hide, why this way I hear you say, why the hurt is locked away, it’s not for pride or vanity but it forms a rock that gives me strength and allows me to move on, happy in the knowledge that now your really are gone


Free at Last #poem

Escapes for life and toil and pain, she’s walks her head up high, for she survived and free at last, from all his stupid lies, so down the tracks to find herself, now strong and resolute, a future that is hers to make and her the only truth  


New Love #poem

New and fresh and clean and never before seen the moment of truth the moment of Joy the moment of love truly a gift from above this miracle this wonder feelings hard to explain but every parent has them And every parent knows this bundle of joy this wondrous thing This love that just grows Tiny finger, tiny toes Newborn baby fills your nose A life you created And a charge you except For your family complete And love it surrounds  As in life there are wonders And wonder you’ve found 


Tears Of Joy and Pain #poem

A tear in her eye, runs down her cheek, he’s holding her tight, their love is unique, her happy and sad with joy and with pain, this man is her world, life never the same, a future of laughs a future of love, this new life of theirs a gift from above, but a tear of regret of wasted years a tear of new hope that now she is his   

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