Sweet dreams of butterflies 

Sweet dreams of butterfly’s that transformer your life, sweet dreams of kindness that shares itself with life, sweet dreams my special friend with peace and friendship deep, sweet dreams of wonders just for you to keep

Holding Hands

Walking holding hands, sand and water in their toes, love and the perfect evening, the sun does start to set, another perfect evening, love binds them tight together, the summer of their life, a life to spend together, till the sunset of their life, hands held tight, love life forever   


She looked like home, his happy place, her smile the key to his front door, he holds her tight for now he’s home, his love to last forever more, and home the place that fills his heart, gap closed and never again apart, her smile it locks his heart a new and in her eyes her love is true, together now at last, their home and future bright  

Happy Ever After

And she sits in the shadows of others past, wondering if she’ll ever fill the void in his heart, in his world?

Will she ever feel at peace with her life and believe everything will be alright? 

Can she trust herself enough to allow her to feel that she is completely his and he is hers?                                                                 

 Will their love, their world, their happy ever after, ever be the way they had hoped and dreamed it to be?

By me!

~ Tracy


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