On the Subject of Grammar

Firstly let me state I understand why good grammar and spelling are important to society, and that it does irritate me when official documents contain errors. That said, were I differ from a few on social media is in the strict adherence to these excepted norms with the context of social interactions.

As a lifelong suffer from dyslexia, I have over the years found that spelling and grammar can often become completely debilitating but to put this into context, I am a high functioning dyslexic, I have a masters degree in technology management, and am a chartered member of the institute of engineering and technology.

My frustration with keyboard warriors who feel evangelical about correcting the spelling and grammar of others, do so without knowing the person they are “helping” or the circumstances of that individual. That a dyslexic person has commented in writing on a post is actually something we should be celebrating, not belittling, and I suspect this behaviour says more about the insecurities of the commentators than the errors of the authors.

If you understand the conversation, take it that that’s what they meant, if you don’t the ask a question, just don’t type “their*” it’s not helping. Would you belittle a blind man for not seeing? or a veteran for only having one leg? So why is is acceptable to bully a dyslexic person, who lets face it works twice as hard as you just to survive.

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