Frost and Cool

Sunshine on the white tips, grass glistens like jewels

I sit in the warm on a bright winters morning, blue sky, a day crisp and new

And my thoughts are of you, wrapped up warm out in the world and I know how lucky I am

No medal for me

No medal for me

No service given

I’ll never go to war

But others have fought for me

Have serviced for me

Protected me and given me a life I take for granted

So thanks to you, those brave and true

From a great full nation

When you run down the street

When you run down the street, and you hope you’ll meet, that lover of your dreams, then you walk up the street, holding hands you just met, with a world of possibilities in your mind, then you stand in the street, in those arms that you met, held tight, held close, loved, safe

Those Eyes

That look, those eyes, were love resides, and lust for me alone, that smile that tells so many times of kisses just us two, the glint of knowing of things to come, in arms that hold so tight, and in those arms I'll sleep tonight, my love complete and true

Little hands

I miss that look of total trust, small hand in mine as we step forward, that laughter, like diamonds, that sparkle in the glow of candlelight, those cuddles and kisses, of innocence, those times I watch you sleep, no more those little hands in my big hands, but love that never ends, and one day in the years to come, you might have little hands in yours, and I will hold those little hands and love them even more

Loves all the same

All love is equal, all love is the same, love that does join us, sides of one coin, love does not differentiate, race, gender the same, love does not care that we’re not all the same

What I do in the bedroom may differ from you, but our passions are equal, love that is true, lives that have passion, lives just the same, love binding partners banishing pain

So stop all the bigotry, and stop all the hate, because the world it has grown up, and is doing what’s right, recognising that love is the answer to pain because, guess what, who cares that we’re not all the same


When friendship is not an effort, and it happens naturally, when laughing is the normality, and your thinking about me, when time together vanishes, like moments lost in time, and knowing that together, knowing that your mine, knowing I can hold you till the end of time 
What you you all this??? Be honest 

I’ll hold your hand

I offer you my hand, to help you on your way, to steady you, and keep your true along the path to hope, and in time you will find yourself the darkness banished, gone, and I’ll hold your hand and sing with you, our song of love and joy, and together us along our path, your hand in mine held tight and forward us together now toward our future light 

For my love

She looks at me a smile so bright, brown eyes sparkle in candle light, how did I get here to this happy place, with her love radiating from that beautiful face, not sure I understand why she wants me, but with all that’s me I love her back, no doubt, no questions, this total love. This Venus mine and I’m all hers and together one and no more tears