Happy Ever After

And she sits in the shadows of others past, wondering if she’ll ever fill the void in his heart, in his world?

Will she ever feel at peace with her life and believe everything will be alright? 

Can she trust herself enough to allow her to feel that she is completely his and he is hers?                                                                 

 Will their love, their world, their happy ever after, ever be the way they had hoped and dreamed it to be?

By me!

~ Tracy


Story of my life!

We are dying from over-thinking.
We are slowly killing ourselves by thinking about everything. Think! Think! Think!                                   You can never trust the human mind anyway. Its a death trap.                 (Anthony Hopkins)

~ Tracy


Tell her!

Tell her that she’s beautiful. Tell her that she’s everything you’ve ever wanted and don’t stop telling her until she believes it. Tell her that she makes you happy like no one else can, But ONLY if you truly mean it. Don’t be the reason that keeps her awake at nights trying to figure out where she went wrong for you to give your heart to others or why she didn’t think you loved her enough that she slowly starts to fades away into the night.Give her your attention and don’t put others before her. Be the one that will love her wholeheartedly and unconditionally now and forever. Be the one who WON’T let her forget how much she means to you and always will. DON’T let yourself fade from a girl who will give you her all.  


I tried not to let it show. The scars and damage. 

My wounded heart , broken 

ribs and soul. The sorrow 

and pain. The thought of 

not being the same as they 

wanted me to be. Society 

was to blame. Took a mattress instead of a boat. Off to the 

river I went to make it float. 

Had nothing with me but white sheets and a pillow. Left my 

books and music back home. 

I watched the fish swim from 

down below between the river 

black and silver grey stones. Wondered for hours in my 

thoughts. Was this decision 

right or was it wrong. To 

runaway miles from home. 

Or to let the voices in my 

head take full control. Laid 

back on my mattress and 

looked above to God’s velvet 

red skies. The sun was setting 

down. It was so calm and quiet. 

The waters created good 

vibes along. Felt like this 

was some kind of meditation. 

I never felt this better with 

out my antidepressants 

medication before. Shut 

my eyes and wondered 

through the empty 

hallways of my mind. 

They were pretty much 

like dark corridors. 

Shadows of the night 

followed along. Shut 

my eyes and listened 

to the soft melodies 

of the gentle currents. 

Thought of staying 

out in the river some 

more and row back 

later to home when 

I feel ready and strong 


Buried deep within

Nothing is ever as it seems

Not all pain is visible, 

Scars don’t always appear on the skin,

A smile doesn’t always mean happiness,

Emotions aren’t always seen on the surface some are buried deep within,

I should know I’m an expert.