Those few

Those few in blue, and green, those not seen, who work while we stay home. Those few risk it all, to save us all, in our nations time of need, hero’s all we stand with you, our shoulders bear you high. And in years to come, when this is done, a hero no not I, but I watched a few, wearing blue, and green, watch in awe, supported you, you our nation pride.

On the Subject of Grammar

Firstly let me state I understand why good grammar and spelling are important to society, and that it does irritate me when official documents contain errors. That said, were I differ from a few on social media is in the strict adherence to these excepted norms with the context of social interactions.

As a lifelong suffer from dyslexia, I have over the years found that spelling and grammar can often become completely debilitating but to put this into context, I am a high functioning dyslexic, I have a masters degree in technology management, and am a chartered member of the institute of engineering and technology.

My frustration with keyboard warriors who feel evangelical about correcting the spelling and grammar of others, do so without knowing the person they are “helping” or the circumstances of that individual. That a dyslexic person has commented in writing on a post is actually something we should be celebrating, not belittling, and I suspect this behaviour says more about the insecurities of the commentators than the errors of the authors.

If you understand the conversation, take it that that’s what they meant, if you don’t the ask a question, just don’t type “their*” it’s not helping. Would you belittle a blind man for not seeing? or a veteran for only having one leg? So why is is acceptable to bully a dyslexic person, who lets face it works twice as hard as you just to survive.

It’s all about the view

Sunset over Sydney

As I sit looking out over Sydney Harbour it occurred to me that holidays are all about the view.  No travel is complete without something nice to see, weather that be the water scape in front of me or the smiles on loved ones faces when you reconnect after time apart.

Sydney Harbour

For me countless yachts are dancing across the water with the occasional speedboat cutting though them like a young dog just let off the lead.  More melodic are the larger ships plodding their steady passage, taking on the role of the elder statesman in this dance and as I watch the light changing and the vibrancy of the seen evolve, its clear how lucky I am. 

Sydney really is a beautiful city, warm and enticing even when the weather breaks and storms roll in from the west.

To be able to sit in peace and quiet and absorb this panorama is really one of life pleasures and I would highly recommend a visit to Australia at least once in a lifetime.

Blood, Sweat Tears

There’s no more blood or sweat or tears

We’ve built our home and children gone

Ahead a life less stress more joy

Toward a sunset and happy times

Good food laughter and fine wine

And love shared time together 

She looks like Home

She looked like home, his happy place, her smile the key to his front door, he holds her tight for now he’s home, his love to last forever more, and home the place that fills his heart, gap closed and never again apart, her smile it locks his heart a new and in her eyes her love is true, together now at last, their home and future bright secure, there love built on foundations of trust behind their own front door

Four Feet

Four feet walk along the sand toward a golden time, waves lapping around the feet each step together strong and sound.

Two feet stumble and an arm takes hold, supporting and guiding on, two feet falter, can’t go on, so stops then rest then sleep does come.

Now along and lost two feet shuffle on, not sure the way to go. Empty alone and full of grief wave are the only sound

But warm sunlight and lapping waves, guide those feet again, onward bound, until those feet will rest and sleep alone, and then just waves and sand abound, the journey now complete, and love was there and faith and care, four feet on the beach

Renewed Love

A dark knot, eats away at love, doubts and worries many, and then we talk and all is right, my world now complete tonight, and smiles and joy and happiness and endless love and more, for all I want and all I need, that look that I adore, and her love and her time, and the fact that she is mine, and I am hers our hearts entwined, our love true till the end of time, that knot untied, our love renewed, and I tell her, I love you

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